Special feed


he need arose out of the fact that in Italy, aside from one single fish feed producer, the entire market was in the hands of multinationals. Now we have entered the supply chain of the Coop, and our next challenge will see the creation of a Consortium with fish farmers to shorten the supply chain and produce organically-farmed fish.
Saipa's technologically advanced, cutting-edge extruder results in an outstanding quality product. The feed for fish species, as with all the other kinds, is produced with total respect for the needs of the farmer, the farmed species and the agri-food supply chain, and using green energy from renewable sources. The feed is sold in large sacks or even loose by specific request of the customer, and avails of an efficient sales and distribution network throughout Italy but also abroad, thanks to the use of company vehicles.

Vegetable biscuits

In addition to aquaculture, in 2005 Saipa also started producing extruded vegetable products for all animal species: these light biscuits are easy to digest and of the very highest quality.